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Fold appears on international compilation in support of Planned Parenthood

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We Stand: An International Compilation In Support of Planned Parenthood

  • 44 ARTISTS representing 10 COUNTRIES
  • All profits will be donated to Planned Parenthood

Verses Records, of Washington, DC, has curated a benefit compilation for Planned Parenthood. 100% of the profits will help to support this organisation, which is under siege like never before. The goal is to help raise funds and awareness for one of the nation’s leading providers of high-quality healthcare for women, men, and young people. We stand together for solidarity, equality, safe (and reliable) health care, as well as freedom of choice.

Verses Records is a collective comprised of: Monica Stroik, Dave Harris, Doug Kallmeyer, Dempsey Hamilton and Dennis Kane. It was created to release and promote approaches to music that are not represented in popular, mainstream culture.

Fold have provided Something Gives (with James Baldwin) as their contribution.

Listen to and / or buy the compilation.

Get more info at the Verses Records website. Get in touch with Verses Records.

Full list of artists

  1. Hrím (London, England)
  2. Blankets (Canada)
  3. Stephanie Merchak (Batroun, Lebanon)
  4. Night Glitter (Austin, Texas)
  5. Julia Kent (NYC, USA)
  6. Yoko K. (Washington, DC)
  7. Mellow Diamond (Washington, DC)
  8. Fold (Leeds, UK)
  9. Huda Asfour (Washington, DC)
  10. Divine Circles (Asheville, NC)
  11. Dennis Kane (Washington, DC)
  12. Ghost Airplane (London, England)
  13. Humanfobia (Rancagua, Chile)
  14. Blind Idiot God (Brooklyn, NY)
  15. The Orchid (Washington, DC)
  16. James Wolf (Arlington, VA)
  17. Sally Sparks (Asheville, NC)
  18. Addie (France)
  19. Margaret Noble (San Diego, CA)
  20. Ytamo (Japan)
  21. Owlbinos of Northfield (Birmingham, England)
  22. Ivy Meadows (Brooklyn, NY)
  23. Guiville (ft. Mercy Weiss) (Swindon, England & NY/LA, USA)
  24. ensemble, et al. (Brooklyn, NY)
  25. Housefire (Durham, NC)
  26. Dead Neanderthals (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
  27. Belly Full of Stars (Nashville, TN)
  28. Silk Drop (Portland, OR)
  29. Roofhare (Rhode Island, USA)
  30. Clara Engel (Toronto, Canada)
  31. Xambuca (Asheville, NC)
  32. Dmlll (Ankara, Turkey)
  33. Shane Parish (Asheville, NC)
  34. Andrullian (UK)
  35. Tristan Welch (Fairfax, VA)
  36. Glitchfield Plaines (Southport, UK)
  37. Red Spells Red (Washington, DC & Colorado, USA)
  38. Lizzy Kindred (Brooklyn, NY)
  39. Sarah Schonert (Peoria, Illinois)
  40. Soft Ledges (Chicago, Illinois)
  41. Chrissie Caulfield (Leeds, UK)
  42. Oë (Le Soler- Perpignan, France)
  43. behr (Johannesberg, South Africa)
  44. Elisa Faires (Asheville, NC)
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