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An Insurgent Mood

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This past Juneteenth we wanted to make a clear statement in support of the long struggle for equality & freedom. For that reason we launched Insurgent Mood, the opening track on Aphelion (our album tribute to Lorraine Hansberry out later this year). Insurgent Mood itself was released July 3 on all digital platforms.

Over brooding hip hop beats Lorraine Hansberry supports and identifies with a global revolution against colonial hegemony and tyranny. She spoke these words in 1959 at a time much like today in which new possibilities for extraordinary change presented themselves.

Our main intention is to highlight the fact that today is the result of an ongoing continuum of struggle lasting hundreds of years. Making structural changes will require a sustained effort from all of us. We must act on this rare opportunity to move forward.

Also on Juneteenth Bandcamp donated their share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. by providing our listeners with something new exclusively via Bandcamp we aimed to support that initiative as well.

On a personal note, unlike major artists we don’t have much to donate ourselves in terms of proceeds. However, since the struggle is incredibly important to us and this is a time to push harder than ever I (Seth) instead donated my own US stimulus check to The Movement For Black Lives. I’m not looking for a pat on the back for doing this. As Gary Younge put it: “the change we need costs money and takes guts; it means challenging power and redistributing resources; it requires reckoning with the past and taking on vested interests… That can only happen if we maintain the pressure, albeit in other ways.”

Thank you for all your support. Stay strong and keep on pushing.

Much love,

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