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Mr Gee reunites with Fold once again to reflect on Dark Matters

  • by
Poet and radio presenter Mr Gee

Out May 31, 2024

“Much-loved UK poet / radio presenter Mr Gee and Leeds collective Fold share a common drive to respond to the major shifts on humanity’s landscape with empathy & critical thinking. Dark Matters, described by Gee as ‘a bit of an anti-war, anti-everything piece,’ is their 10th collaboration in 11 years. It responds to the many humanitarian crises caused by wars across the world—from Gaza to Sudan & elsewhere—along with the global power structures facilitating them.

Gee takes a long view; breathing deeply the history of oppressed peoples and our widely repeated mistake of falling for the ‘divide & conquer’ narratives that mask power’s true intent. The anguish, frustration & grief that so many of us feel is strongly reflected in the synergy between words & music.”

Please listen or download on your platform of choice and if you dig it then add to your favourites, liked songs and lastly share widely! There’s also a video that we are rather proud of. See below.

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