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Guest spot on the Vandal Factory podcast alongside the great Mark Thomas

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We had the honour of being invited to talk with the lovely folks at Vandal Factory. These guys “explore those magic moments where art and activism meet. With warmth, passion and humour, Natalie and Henry discuss theatre, music, poetry and dance with amazing guests. Listen if you love community arts, climate justice, DIY ethics and anti-fascism. Plus banging tunes.”

This episode’s all about “political theatre, anti-war music and protest poetry.”

“Mark Thomas talks about England & Son, his one-man play by Ed Edwards about class, crime, capitalism, empire, stolen youth and stolen wealth. Seth Mowshowitz from Fold discusses their latest single ‘Forever War’ about the Military Industrial Complex. Fold are a Leeds band amplifying humanitarian perspectives & critical reflections. Both Mark and Fold are performing at the Old Woollen in Leeds, England & Son hits there 25th January, Fold play 21st March.

Meanwhile Henry and Natalie are in That London for a Palestine Solidarity march, and meet Temina talking about her handmade stickers and hoodies from Gaza Activists.

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