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The self-titled debut Fold album is OUT NOW

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“Simply put, Fold have produced a stunning, challenging and engaging debut album full of meaning and social commentary often missing in today’s superficial musical landscape.”
— Never Enough Notes

“The most danceable protest record since There’s A Riot Goin’ On.”
Louder Than War

“A lavish concoction of hip-hop, soul, funk, electronics and more.”
Clash Magazine

“A deft concoction of spoken rhythms and drastic experimentation, Fold’s ‘She’ is simply immense”
Anthem Review

Our self-titled debut album was released on Monday November 2. We want to first of all say thank you so much to all who have supported and encouraged us to get to this point, we cannot convey to you how much that means to us. We also want to apologise again to those who have ordered the vinyl LP on behalf of our manufacturer for the two week delay on delivery. We still expect to be shipping copies this week.

The many who recognise and feel strongly that things are not right in the world seem to lack a convincing voice in mainstream media. We do not claim to be that voice but we hope that in some way we are helping to articulate it. Mainstream media is a little resistant to us because we don’t fit conveniently into existing moulds and they can’t be sure whether their audiences will respond well to us or not.

It is all any of us can do to let those in mainstream media who are more receptive know that people are responding well and that they want to hear more things like this. It is clear that people want to hear musicians articulating that voice which is so conspicuous by its absence. We want people to come away from listening to our album with a sense that somebody is working to make at least some of their unheard narratives heard in a way that does not belittle, alienate, aggress or misrepresent anyone.

Whether you choose to support our efforts or not we would strongly encourage you to make your own voices heard by telling your favourite music platforms (radio stations, magazines, websites, blogs etc) to represent the music that means something to you and speaks on your behalf. Not necessarily Fold but any music that is actively amplifying that which is unhelpfully absent from the daily feeds. Please let us all help to put some meaningful dialogue back into music. We also want to thank those supporters we do have in mainstream media most profusely.

That said, we would also very much appreciate it if you could help spread the word about our album. Without your support we wouldn’t have come this far.

With Love,
Seth, Ben, Kane and Josh.

Below are all the links to buy our album in the known universe apart from Amazon as we object to their unethical practices.

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