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In Celebration of Corporate Tax Avoidance Going Mainstream

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38 Degrees’ Christmas guide for spotting tax dodgers.

There is currently an explosion in media coverage and overall surge in awareness of tax avoidance and it is making us so incredibly happy. Well done and a massive thanks in particular to Richard Murphy, John Christensen, Nicholas Shaxson, Philip Goff, all of The Tax Justice Network, Christian Aid, UK Uncut and The Guardian for your tireless efforts in transforming this most crucial of issues from a corner-of-the-room grumble to the mainstream global concern that it truly is.

Look how far we’ve come in the last 3 years. This phenomenon is a huge step in the right direction towards a positive cultural understanding of tax and some means of curbing the global business of abusively anti-social tax avoidance. This could lead to real change – real equality – not the piecemeal variety Obama has demonstrated and not the kind David Cameron’s government has unleashed upon us in the UK.

The outlook for 2013 is starting to appear more positive than I can remember in many many years. Let’s keep looking for lasting, meaningful solutions and keep pushing for more awareness.

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