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Leeds-based Vibrations Magazine reviews Fold’s We Must Speak EP

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Although belated this Vibrations Magazine review couldn’t be more welcome – particularly in the run up to our single release scheduled for September 3rd.

Fold – We Must Speak (Self release)

The immediate word that springs to mind is ‘pretentious’. That’s what I assumed an EP that consisted entirely of speeches by political figures set to ambient hip-hop would sound like. The EP uses the speeches of notable figures such as Kurt Vonnegut and Martin Luther-King over the top of the bands hip-hop grooves. Even Fold must know that on paper this album sounds conceited. But despite this the EP is great.

The tracks are really catchy and extremely listenable and the album seduces you with organic grooves and staccato drums. The speech set to this kind of music seems to highlight the rhythmic power of a great orator and gives the whole album the feel of an audio scrapbook.

But the band wants to promote a political message as well. Their choice of samples brings famous speeches and their groundbreaking political messages to the ears of hip-hop fans. It is a refreshing burst of consciousness amidst the bragging and posturing of the majority of the hip-hop scene.

Nick Pritchard

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