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Mary O’Hara approved, Kurt Vonnegut in the pipeline

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Vonnegut Wooden Nickel
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This week’s update on the sample clearance front features a couple of victories for socially conscious music.

Mary O’Hara and her copyright administrators have given their blessing to use her Eileen Aroon samples. Given that these samples are the basis and the main musical inspiration for the title track I believe a big thank you to Mary O’Hara and Steven Joyce is in order.

The other piece of news is that Kurt Vonnegut’s estate trustee, attorney and long time friend Donald C. Farber has very kindly offered to make things as easy as possible for me to obtain permission to use Kurt’s voice and words. Thank you so much Donald. This would not only add an enormous boost to the impact of the release but is also an emotional moment for me as Kurt Vonnegut is my favourite writer and passed away only a few years ago. I wish he could have heard this track.

Once these two major permissions are both granted the title track will be completely cleared for release.

I never thought this process was going to involve so many friendly people and for this I am extremely pleased and quite touched as well.

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