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Fold samples revealed

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Kurt Vonnegut speaking at Case Western Reserve...
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Below is the full list of speech and music sample sources used on So It Goes. These samples span a 53 year period and 3 continents. I want this to be a public record – I am putting all of my cards on the table.

With 10 samples out of 15 still to be cleared there is still every chance that any number of these will not be cleared and I’d be forced to find an alternative. In the case of the speech samples, there is sadly no alternative.

  1. This Guy’s In Love With You Herb Alpert
    From the LP The Beat of the Brass, 1968
    Written by Burt Bacharach / Hal David
  2. Eileen Aroon (Eiblhin A Run)Mary O’Hara
    Spinning Wheel EP, 1957
    Trad., arr. Mary O’Hara
  3. Whispering Grass (Don’t Tell the Trees)The Ink Spots
    Best of the Ink Spots
    F & D Fisher
  4. Messiah – Handel [CLEARED]
    Using various excerpts from an extremely obscure one-off performance with crowd noises
  5. Live at Berkeley – Nina Simone
    Speaking to the audience between tracks
  6. La Mer – Debussy [CLEARED]
    3 bars from somewhere in the middle
  7. Slaughterhouse-FiveKurt Vonnegut, Jr.
    Excerpts from the self-narrated LP version, 1973
  8. Remarks at Amherst College – President John F. Kennedy [CLEARED]
    Excerpts from the live speech paying homage to Robert Frost, 26 October 1963
  9. Crisis of Confidence speech – President Jimmy Carter
    Excerpts from the televised address to the nation, 15 July 1979
  10. The Last Interview – John Lennon
    Excerpts from John Lennon’s final interview conducted by Dave Sholin et al, 8 December 1980 (on the same day John Lennon was murdered)
  11. Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break SilenceMartin Luther King, Jr.
    Excerpts from this phenomenal speech, 4 April 1967 (one year to the date before Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination)
  12. Statement on the Assassination of Martin Luther King – Senator Robert F. Kennedy [CLEARED]
    Excerpts from a spontaneous speech to a stunned crowd delivering the news of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s death shortly after it happened on 4 April 1968 (2 months before Robert Kennedy himself was assassinated)
  13. Collapse – Michael Ruppert
    Excerpts from the film about investigative journalist Mike Ruppert and his vision of the world, 2009
  14. Lecture: October 20, 2004 – Michael Ruppert [CLEARED]
    Excerpts from Mike’s contribution to the Relevant to Now lecture series, 20 October 2004

These tracks would make for one bizarre playlist.

Lastly, a quick update on the sample clearance status. Thanks to the lovely people at Supraphon Records I have had confirmation through that the Debussy sample I’m using is past its life of copyright and is therefore in the public domain as long as I credit the original copyright holder. I have heard from Mary O’Hara herself who has kindly forwarded me a contact. Apart from that Chris Thompson of Bluemark films is looking into permissions for Mike Ruppert’s speech exerpts from Collapse. Some copyright holders are easier to track down than others.

Thanks to everyone who is generously helping me out with these requests. If anybody else has any information on these samples that they’d like to share or can help me track down the relevant people please do not hesitate to contact me.

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