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Feedback from the zeitgeist

I am trying to involve people I love and respect in order to make this project as meaningful as I can. To that end I’ve begun to ask for some feedback on the first track to be made public – We Will Follow – from a wide cross section of people across the globe. Below is a response from my dear friend Michelle in Portland Oregon that I found both very moving and very funny.

So proud of you with this project! I have been all mired in the oil pouring into the Gulf and the Arizona immigration laws that I have not been paying enough attention to UK and Greece. The Gulf news makes me want to vomit on a regular basis. And then states making immigration laws. Such a stupid bunch of monkeys we are related to somehow. When I was reflecting on my disgust with the righteous treatment by humans of this earth planet, the lack of responsibility to the creatures and resources, I then think about Martin Luther King who stood for the shocking inhumane treatment of humans and the rights of who gets to be a man or less than human. I recently cried listening to that MLK speech, the vibration and passion and tears welling up in that one man, you would have to be half dead to not feel that streaming from your television set. Humans have the ability to make such hatred and greed that sometimes they are so blinded that they have no ability to see that the same power can be used to the benefit of us all. How that power when shared among all the living on this home planet, how we will all be empowered, successful and free. Free to breath unpolluted air, with fresh water for the turtles and the fishes and the humans. It is a messy unbalanced world we float in. And so it goes.

I will follow you into the light of the promise land. I will be listening, now and forever more.

Thanks Michelle. I think you have eloquently expressed how a lot of us feel.

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