Fold – Be Water My Friend (Single)

Fold - Be Water My Friend


  1. Be Water My Friend
  2. Be Water My Friend (Instrumental) [Bandcamp only]

Fold – Be Water My Friend, released June 23, 2014


Written and performed by Fold.

Brass performed by Emma Johnson (tenor saxophone), Ciaran Diston (trumpet) & Peter Johnson (trombone).

Co-produced by Fold and Ed Heaton at Eiger Studios, Leeds. Mastered by Hippocratic Mastering, Leeds.


[Bruce Lee]

Empty your mind
Be formless, shapeless
Like water

When you put water into a cup
it becomes the cup
when you put water into a bottle
it becomes the bottle
when you put it in a teapot
it becomes the teapot

Now water can flow
or it can crash

Be water my friend

Running water never goes stale
so you gotta just keep on flowing

Be water my friend

Its very slow and you push it out
but all the time you are keeping the continuity going
bending, stretching everything
I suppose you know you just keep it moving
see the idea is running water never grows stale
so you gotta just keep on flowing

Be water my friend

To express oneself honestly
not lying to oneself
and to express myself honestly
now that my friend is very hard to do
and you have to train
you have to keep your reflexes
so that when you want it its there

When you want to move you are moving
and when you move you’re determined to move
not taking one inch – not anything less than that
If I want to punch
I’m gonna do it man

Be water my friend

Here I am you know as a human being
How can I express myself totally and completely?
Its a process of continuing growth

Empty your mind
Be formless

Be water my friend

You what I want to think of myself? As a human being. Because – I mean, I don’t want to sound like ‘as Confucius say…’ but under the sky, under the heavens man, there is but one family. It just so happens man that people are different.

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"Blur's drummer Dave Rowntree is a huge fan of this rhythmically adventurous, Bruce Lee-sampling slice of downbeat jazz-funk from the Leeds four-piece"
The Times