Fold – A Victim’s Mentality (Single)

Fold – A Victim's Mentality


  1. A Victim's Mentality
  2. A Victim's Mentality (EP Version)
  3. The Setting Sun (Demo)

Released October 16, 2015


Written, arranged, performed, produced & mixed by Fold and Mr Gee. Fold are Seth Mowshowitz (keys), Ben Walsh (bass), Kane Rattray (drums) and Josh Gardziel (guitar).

Brass arrangements by Emma Johnson. Brass performed by Emma Johnson (tenor & baritone saxophone), Edward Ody (trumpet & flugelhorn) & Tom Smith (trombone).


1 & 2. A Victim’s Mentality (2:59)

My desires have fallen victim to my pauses
as my promises will fall a victim to my breath
Yet as twilight forms a victim to the morning
my life shall never become a victim of my death

Who is the oppressor and who are the oppressed?
Who controls the mould that traps our souls
for he who rolls the dice holds the keys to treasure’s chest
Freedom can sail in on a half-shell
but does it ride the wave of a crest?

The full moon forms a cocoon
so we delightfully dance to the tunes
played by somebody else

You see everybody knows that on the streets you rule
You’re hoodied up to self-destruct but yet you look so cool
You make others love to copy every move you do
but your plight keeps them amused because you act the fool

But in the company board rooms – we never see your face there
Why die for post codes that you don’t own because bruv, nobody cares
The only slang this world understands is about the juice you got to spare
to buy the bricks between the mortar or the land beneath the air

Only effective journeys are worth repeating
and only reflective fables are worth rereading
For a story can never be told in the same way twice
and different generations each remould an old excuse to give it life
But can we honestly claim to be a victim all the time?
Is our sickness fully owned by the man who holds the dice?

So, who is the oppressor and who are the oppressed?
Its the thinking of remaining a victim in this life that brings you death

3. The Setting Sun (Demo) (3:14)

Don’t let the sun go down on your humanity.
Don’t let the future forget you
and think that you were just too self-obsessed
to look beyond your own immediate concerns in life…

and like those in days of old from a forgotten age
your whole existence can be reduced to the footnote
at the bottom of a forgotten page.
So will oncoming generations mockingly proclaim
with a shocking rage: “Who were these carefree people?
And why didn’t they even lift a finger to change?”

Don’t let the moon shine a light on your inability to rise
Don’t wait until the looming twilight in the sky projects the vulnerability of your times
as you’re constantly perplexed by the neglect and fragility of your lives it eclipses the real invincibility in your minds posing the simple question: why?
Why are we killing the potential in our lives?

Don’t let the new morning be broken without you
Don’t allow the poisoning of the rivers of today
to infect the drops in the oceans of tomorrow that will surround you
in the plants and the trees in the flowers and the seeds
for its a life that’s yet to be that delivers us hope for eternity
and while we are still able to consume our daily bread
let us not forget that on this day given
we are indeed the projection in vision of our ancestors’ dreams
so what can we then expect our future generations
to reflect on times such as these
if we don’t respect them
and we reject them
and we just lay down and accept then
that the sun may finally set
on our humanity

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